To honor international students, Dodge City Community College unveiled a new flag display recently in the DCCC cafeteria.

According to DCCC, the ongoing project displays the home country flags of DCCC students to help celebrate the diversity of cultures on campus.

The flag display is meant to show appreciation for the college’s international students and to make them feel welcome, according to DCCC vice president for administration and finance Glendon Forgey, who instituted the project.

"This has been done at other institutions where I have served," Forgey said in a news release. "Learning about the customs from other nations helps students, faculty and staff from the United States become more diverse, receptive, and understanding of our international students.

"The flag display also reflects our appreciation and support for the international students."

There are currently 23 flags on display and another two to be added soon. According to Forgey, the plan is to have flags from every nation honoring all past and present DCCC international students.

"We have two students planning to attend in the spring from Russia and Morocco," said DCCC director of enrollment management Lewis Mize in a news release. "We would love to keep adding more. I have had several students tell me how excited they are to have their country represented here on campus and it gives them a little relief from being homesick as well.

"I think the flags also show that education knows no borders."


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