Unofficial results for the 2019 local election in Ford County were tallied Tuesday evening.

The winners of the Dodge City Commission were incumbents Rick Sowers with 1,056 votes, Kent Smoll with 1,006 votes and newcomer Joseph Nuci Jr. with 804 votes.

Other candidates were Adam Hessman with 738 votes and Morris Reeves with 671 votes.

The winners of the Dodge City Community College Board of Trustees were all newcomers with Kelly Henrichs getting 1,641 votes, Jim Lewis with 1,524 votes and Bill Turley with 1,313 votes.

Other candidates were incumbent Terry Malone with 924 votes, incumbent Floris Jean Hampton with 791 votes, Nick Wells with 781 votes and Hugo Garcia with 735 votes.

The winners of the Dodge City USD 443 Board of Education were all incumbents with Ryan Ausmus getting 1,474 votes, Traci Rankin with 1,476 votes and Jamey Lewis-Gonzales with 1,188 votes.

The other candidate was Nuci, who also ran for a position received 897 votes.

For the the Ford City Council at this time the votes are Steve Downey with 31, Harvey L. Derstein with 30, Ivan Klusman with 23, Joe Ford with 20, Emilie N. Carr with 12 and Glen McCune with 5 with a total of five unresolved write-in votes, according to the unofficial results.

The three top vote-getters will win the election for Ford City Council.

Other winners that ran unopposed were: Clay Sellard for Bucklin City Mayor.

Heide Duffield for Ford City Mayor.

Ron Temaat for Spearville City Mayor.

Johnny Dunlap II and Jeff Hubbell for the two Spearville City Council positions with 197 unresolved write-in votes.

Jeff Hiers for the unexpired term for the Dodge City USD 443 school board.

Sandra Halling, Belinda Katz for two of the four USD 459 school board positions with 360 unresolved write-in votes.

Kevin Rueb for the D1, P1 USD 381 position.

Clayton Stein for the D2, P2 USD 381 position.

Brad Ackerman for the D3, P3 USD 381 position.

The Wilroads Garden Improvement District has Tony Portman and Troy Robertson tied with 21 votes and Karen Baker with 19 votes. All three receive the position.

Bucklin Hospital District three position winners are Jane Baker, Cynthia Imel and Sue Scott.

Minneola Hospital District winners Dianna Beebe, Jennifer Denison and Gail Norton.

For the USD 381 at large position Randy Mettling had 246 votes with Jamie Hartman getting 148 votes for the open position.

For the Wright Improvement District, the votes were Betty Burkhart 23, Tim Slattery 22 and Hattie Stein 8 with 15 unresolved write-in votes. The three top vote-getters would win the position.

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