In one of the more highly contested and highly debated campaigns, the Dodge City Community College Board of Trustees will see three new members take office.

The unofficial results of the 2019 election were released with the top three vote-getters in the race winning a position on the board.

Kelly Henrichs gained the overall top vote with 1,641, followed by Jim Lewis with 1,524 votes and Bill Turley with 1,313 votes.

Incumbents Terry Malone and Floris Jean Hampton did not win a term for re-election.

Malone received 924 votes while Hampton received 791 votes.

Candidate Nick Wells received 781 votes and Hugo Garcia earned 735 votes.

Some of the controversy with this year's election came with candidates debating the alleged payments of $31 million to the Veterans Administration from the DCCC helicopter program.

DCCC officials say the conversation about the payments is ongoing while the program is back and running in Arizona with plans to return to Dodge City within a year or so.

Meanwhile, the winners are eager to take office.

"Time to roll up our sleeves and get to work," Turley said. "The people of Ford County made a statement tonight. I am pumped, excited and ready to go."

Lewis thanked the people of Ford County for voting for him.

"I have lived in Dodge City for over 40 years," Lewis said. "I am excited to grow and double the size of the students in the next five years.

"My goal is to really get recruiters and filling in those dorms and the whole school."

Top vote-getter Henrichs could not be reached for comment.


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