On Nov. 6, 13 Dodge City High School Future Farmers of America members participated in the Southwest District FFA Horse Evaluation Career Development Event in Garden City with the senior division team taking home top honors.

Winning first place was Hallie Robinson with Alexa Gerdes winning second place and Cody Terrill placing eighth.

Chance Kerr placed fifth in the junior division made up of eighth- and ninth-graders.

According to Dodge City FFA instructor Harmon Bliss, other participants were Charlee Bittler, Cora Bond, Alexandra Del Real, Paige Mink, Jace Ochs, Leslie Orozco, Erin Pyle, Jessica Rivera and MacKenzie Swan.

"Students were called upon to judge four halter classes, one western pleasure class, one reining class along with answering questions and giving oral reasons," Bliss said in a news release. "When judging halter classes, students were to evaluate the horse mostly based on their conformation."

According to Bliss, conformation includes balance, structural correctness, quality, sex character, breed character, and way of going.

"For the western pleasure class, students had to evaluate the horses based upon functional correctness, quality and willingness of movement," Bliss said. "The reining class involves the contestants being able to evaluate or score the horse on how well it made lead changes, completed circles and rundowns correctly, and execute spins."

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