PRATT — On Friday, Nov. 1, Mrs. Angie Forshee was named the Pratt School District Teacher of the Year for 2020 because of her service and dedication to all students, especially at Southwest Elementary School.

Forshee is the counselor at Southwest Elementary School, where she meets every class weekly to teach them about safety, healthy choices and bullying. In addition, Forshee and Kelsie Nauman, of Core Ministries, have worked to build the Greenback Match program for students to have mentors if needed. There are currently 119 matches in the Pratt School district consisting of one elementary school student and one high school student.

Forshee also does home visits and helps students with their attendance and individual behavioral needs.

“She does a lot of work with parents whose kids are struggling,” said Jason May, Southwest Elementary principal.

In and out of her role as a counselor, she is always a positive face in the school.

“She’s always upbeat and happy and friendly,” May said. “It’s very rare that you see her down.”

These qualities are seen by all teachers and students in the school.

“She’s as well liked as everybody in the building,” May said. “She’s good at making people feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations, whether that be parents, students, or teachers.”

Behavioral intervention and support staff Kim Staats spoke about Forshee’s impact on the school.

“Angie is well-loved by every kid, not just kids that are going to school here, but kids that have been in this building,” Staats said. “She has such a good relationship with all kids, past and present, and faculty. She’s been here a long time so she knows a lot of people, and they all respond so well to her.”

Staats emphasized that Forshee is loving toward all students.

“She’s firm and loving at the same time,” Staats said. “She’s approachable. She can tell you how it is in a loving, motherly manner that says, ‘I still care about you.’”

Forshee goes above and beyond in her work.

“She really is the real deal. She really loves these kids. She’ll really do anything for them,” Staats said. “She supports others who are trying to do their best to make them successful, too.”