The Ingalls Recreation Commission has been announced as the 2019 recipient of the Victory Electric/CoBank Sharing Success grant.

According to Victory Electric, Ingalls Recreation Commission checks totaling $15,000, with $7,500 from Victory Electric and $7,500 from CoBank.

The grants will be used for repairs and upgrades to the Ingalls community swimming pool as the pool has aged and is in need of expensive repairs and extensive work on the lining of the pool.

“There are pools in nearby larger towns, but the problem is they all have fees and require transportation to get to,” said Leonard Rodenbur, president of the recreation commission, in a news release. “The Ingalls pool is free and offers accessibility to the members of our community.

"This grant will ensure the availability of the pool and easy access to summer fun for our local kids.”

Once the repairs are completed, it will extend the life of the pool by another five to eight years.

“Victory Electric appreciates the hard work and dedication of the recreation commission,” said Victory Electric board member Kenny Wehkamp in a news release. “The CoBank Sharing Success Grant is a great program that allow Victory Electric to match grants from CoBank and give back to the communities the cooperative serves.”

The annual “Sharing Success” grant opportunity is made possible by Victory Electric’s governing board of trustees, in partnership with CoBank, with a cap of $15,000 to be awarded.

The program has generated more than $36 million in total charitable donations, primarily in rural areas across the country, since its inception in 2012.

“Thanks to our board of trustees and CoBank, the ‘Sharing Success’ Grant has enabled Victory Electric make an impact to give back to the communities we serve,” said Victory Electric CEO Shane Laws in a news release.

Past grant recipients have been The Bucklin Library, Mission of Mercy dental clinic in Dodge City, Stauth Memorial Museum in Montezuma, the Manna House in Dodge City, The Depot Theater in Dodge City, the Ford Country Historical Society Mueller-Schmidt House, Home of Stone and the Ford County Sheriff’s Office.

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