Nearly 57 high school students competed in the 2019 Southwest Kansas District FFA Ag Welding Contest at Dodge City Community College recently.

According to DCCC, the contest included students from Bucklin High School, Cimarron High School, Dodge City High School, Dighton High School, Kiowa County High School, Hodgeman County High School, Holcomb High School, Stanton County High School, La Crosse High School, Larned High School, Ness City High School, Satanta High School, Sublette High School, South Central High School and Wichita County High School.

“Judging this competition can be difficult and stressful to ensure that the students get scored correctly and guided to do as good as possible,” said DCCC associate professor of welding Justin Weil in a news release. “These gentlemen spent five hours straight looking at welds and cuts, and then they awarded the scores.

"Thank you for the donations of your time and the prizes that you donated for the students.”

The top 10 individual winners were: 1st Place Nathan Guenter, Sublette; 2nd Place Alex Pavlu, Ness City; 3rd Place Michael Mariche, Dodge City; 4th Place Wyatt Haley, Holcomb; 5th Place Joseph Addison, Cimarron; 6th Place Brock Brown, La Crosse; 7th Place Reese Garetson, Sublette; 8th Place Braden Mitchell, Holcomb; 9th Place Andrew Heimerich, Satanta, and 10th Place Burke Shapland, Dighton.

Overall team winners were: 1st Place Sublette; 2nd Place Dodge City; 3rd Place Holcomb; 4th Place La Crosse and 5th Place Kiowa County.

First-place through third-place winners received a $500 scholarship to DCCC, with the fourth- through 10th-place winners receiving a $250 scholarships.

“We are very excited to offer these high school students scholarships to DCCC,” said DCCC President Harold Nolte in a news release. “These are topnotch students, and we would love to have them here.”


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