At a special city commission meeting on Monday, the City of Dodge City and Dodge City Community College reached an approved Memorandum of Agreement in converting locker room space at the Dodge City YMCA for DCCC near Cavalier Field.

According to city officials, as part of the YMCA expansion project with Conant Construction, a change order was needed with city approval to, "secure favorable pricing on materials."

DCCC had locker room space in place at YMCA and it became more practical to add a new room once YMCA expansion took place.

According to city officials, on Nov. 19, the DCCC board of trustees voted and approved an agreement where "DCCC would pay the city up to $100,000 to be paid back in three annual equal installments at 2% interest for financing the expanded locker area."

With approval of the MOA, the city amended the previous Conant Construction agreement up to the $100,000 for the new locker room.

The approval of the amendment from the city came with a 4-0 vote by the city commission.

Commissioner Kent Smoll was absent from the meeting and did not vote.


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