The city commission voted to approve a $519,847 contact with Olsson Associates Inc., a construction engineering company, for planned improvements to the intersection of Underpass Road and Trail Street.

Commissioner Joyce Warshaw was absent from the meeting and did not vote.

Improvements to the intersection will increase safety for motorists and reduce congestion and delays, director of engineering services Ray Slattery said.

Numerous crashes have been reported at this intersection.

The project will create a five-lane section with two left-turn lanes and a dedicated right-turn lane for eastbound traffic and trucks turning into National Beef.

A new traffic signal will also be installed.

Improvements will also be made to Love’s driveway west to McCaustland Road. No. 1, which has a lot of truck traffic, Slattery said.

The Kansas Department of Transportation is scheduled to submit a completed design for the project by 2021, with construction to commence in 2022.

The total estimated cost for construction of this project is $1,908,072. Funding will be made through a KDOT Geometric Improvement Grant.