One would never guess wellness advocate and small business owner Amber Vega once suffered from anxiety so severe it manifested itself in daily panic attacks.

This week the registered yoga teacher and certified massage therapist celebrated the four-year anniversary of the grand opening of my studio massage and yoga.

Customers drop in for a one-hour single-session flow or rejuvenate yoga class or can subscribe a month at a time to medication-free treatment for the body and the mind.

“Yoga helped heal me so that’s why I do it with everyone else,” she said. “I’d like to give them the opportunity to heal themselves.”

Thanks to yoga, Vega said her anxiety is about 90% better most days. She’s even taller than she was before she began practicing it at 19 years old, because it eased the constricting symptoms of her scoliosis.

The mental and physical benefits of practicing yoga equal the negative impact of unchecked anxiety and hypertension on a person, she said.

“When you have anxiety, blood pools around your heart and brain to prepare for fight or flight,” she said. “I’m living proof you can make it better one day at a time, one pose at a time and one breath at a time.”

Veteran yogi Sara Howard has been a client since Vega opened my studio in 2015.

The slow and steady stretch of flow yoga is so addictive that when Howard was faced with the task of scheduling a knee-replacement surgery, she almost didn’t, for fear her recovery time would prevent her from staying in practice.

“Yoga allows you to take a moment to breathe and just focus on you,” she said. “We’re so busy we don’t always slow down and take care of our mind.”

Howard recommended yoga beginners start with a flow yoga class.

“Anyone can do it because you start slow,” she said. “Yoga is not a competition. Someone’s always going to be more flexible than you but you can’t let that dictate whether you come back again.”

Vega posts self care videos on the my studio Facebook page, under the elephant icon that she said symbolizes the substance behind the spiritual vibrations inside my studio.

She chose the elephant as her official logo because “they are emotionally intelligent beings.”

Emotional intelligence is a benefit of doing yoga, she said, “because you have the space to figure out and learn from your emotions.”

She tries to imbue an attitude of gratitude in her clients.

“Its hard to feel stress and gratitude at the exact same moment,” she said.

Howard embodies that attitude.

“I don’t know what my limitations would be because I haven’t found them yet,” she said.

For more information call my studio at 620-253-3024 or go to Facebook and search “Massageyogastudio.”


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