The 10th annual DUI Holiday Drive For Victims was held recently.

The annual event in Dodge City is held to, "acknowledge and thank law enforcement officers for helping to detect and arrest drunk drivers and to increase public awareness of the dangers of impaired driving; and to remember those individuals who have lost their lives in impaired driving crashes," according to a news release.

Members of the Dodge City Police Department, Ford County Sheriff’s Office, Ford County Attorney’s Office, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving gathered and wore red ribbons that are tied to law enforcement vehicles while officers are given a red “MADD Hero” pin to wear on their uniforms.

During the event DCPD officer Hannah Mazza and Ford County Sheriff's Office Sergeant Bryan Stammer, received recognition from MADD for logging to most DUI arrests in their departments, each making over 20.

Mazza and Stammer were presented with a MADD challenge coin and MADD T-shirt by MADD program manager Lori Marshall.

According to a news release from the Ford County Attorney’s Office, police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and highway patrol troopers all see an increase in impaired driving during the holiday season.

"The DUI Holiday Drive is one way whereby their efforts at keeping those on the road safe from drug- and alcohol-impaired drivers can be recognized," the release said.


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