With offices in Dodge City, Wichita and The Hague, Netherlands, Warrior Lawyers International is a specialty law firm representing persons accused of crimes.

Recently, Warrior attorneys Van Z. Hampton, of Dodge City, and Kurt P. Kerns, of Wichita, were elected to serve on the membership committee, which has authority to make policies for admission and then consider applications for membership in the Association of Defense Counsel Practicing before the International Courts and Tribunals. The election took place during the annual convention of the ADC-ICT on Dec. 7 in The Hague.

“It is an honor to be a member of the ADC-ICT and it is a special honor to be elected to serve on the Membership Committee with my friend and partner, Kurt Kerns," Hampton said. "He and (attorney) Dragan Ivetic encouraged and inspired me to seek admission to the ADC-ICT, and that organization promotes the ideals that our firm lives by.

"When persons accused of crimes come to us for help, we become their warrior advocates, standing between them and the power of the state, and we will represent them zealously, skillfully and tirelessly to preserve their rights, and their dignity.”

According to Warrior Lawyers International, the ADC-ICT is comprised of over 400 attorneys from all over the world, with only 24 members from the United States.

Kerns and Ivetic — the past president of the ADC-ICT and current vice president on the executive committee — will be jointly representing a defendant in international court in Arusha, Tanzania, a sister court to the court in The Hague during a trial in 2020.

To contact Warrior Lawyers International, call 1-844-WARRIOR (927-7467).


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