Some mountains are harder to climb than others and the Dodge City Red Demons boys basketball team had a tough one to climb Friday night with a tough loss to the Maize Eagles, 39-68.

Coach Tony Starnes said Maize has a really good program and that type of program doesn't slip very much. They lost a Division 1 player last year but the program keeps producing good kids and their coach does a phenomenal job.

Starnes wants that type of program for the Demons.

"We're trying to do that. We don't want a team that's good every now and then but good all the time," Starnes said.

Against the Eagles, the Demons got shell shocked. The team just wasn't ready for what the Eagles did.

They consistently beat the Demons down the floor.

Starnes said the coaching staff has to get the problems figured out and coach the team better.

"We have to rethink the way we want to play," Starnes said. "But we don't want to make any drastic decisions after a big loss."

Starnes' goal is for the team to be able to win at the highest level so the staff will have to look at the whole way they coach.

"We'll take a look at the big picture," Starnes said.

As for the team, they played as hard as the coaches prepared them but the team was slower than they needed to be so it will be up to the coaches to figure it out.

While it's hard to evaluate the team after a tough loss, some of the players did respond and started hitting shots in the second half. On defense, the boys did take six or seven charges.

Improvement means a group effort starting from the head coach and filtering down.

"We have to do a better job at the highest level," Starnes said.

Up next for the Demons is Hugoton.

Last year, the Demons scored 100 points on Hugoton but to get a victory this year, the Demons will have to get better at all phases. The Eagles dominated the backboards so the Demons have to attack and have better defense transitions.

"We just have to get better at everything," Starnes said.


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