The Dodge City Demon's swim team placed third overall at the two-day Wichita Southeast Invitational on Dec. 13 and 14. Jaten Wright earned the team's first state consideration time in the 50-yard freestyle with a time of 24:13, said coach Kaitlyn Paul.

Team placings and times:

200-yard medley relay

Fifth place: Anthony Valente, Jacob Mendoza, Marten Lopez, Colin Richter 2:14.54 (28 points).

No placing points: Briggs Kerr, Dakota Swenk, Danny Lamas-Mejia, Genaro Ramirez 2:57.53.

200-yard freestyle

Second place: Allen Richter 2:08.34 (17 points).

Third place: Marten Lopez 2:28.82 (16 points).

200-yard individual medley

Fifth place: Jacob Mendoza 2:32.79 (14 points).

Seventh place: Colin Richter 3:12.18 (12 points).

50-yard freestyle:

Third place: Jaten Wright 24:13 (16 points).

26th place: Anthony Valente 31.45 (no points).

No placing: Danny Lamas-Mejia 32.47 (no points).

No placing: Dakota Swenk 33.10 (no points).

No placing: Genaro Ramirez (disqualified).

100-yard butterfly:

Second place: Briggs Kerr 1.25.96 (17 points).

100-yard freestyle:

21st place: Danny Lamas-Mejia 1:19.00 (no points).

23rd place: Dakota Swenk 1:19.57 (no points).

500-yard freestyle:

Fourth place: Allen Richter 6:06.51 (15 points).

Disqualified Jaten Wright (no points).

200-yard freestyle relay:

Third place: Jaten Wright, Briggs Kerr, Jacob Mendoza, Allen Richter 1:42. 69 (32 points).

200-yard freestyle:

No placing: Genaro Ramirez, Colin Richter, Dakota Swenk, Danny Lamas-Mejia 2:35.42 (no points).

100-yard backstroke:

Fourth place: Anthony Valente 1:20.06 (15 points).

Fifth place: Marten Lopez 1:22.10 (14 points).

100-yard breaststroke:

Third place: Jacob Mendoza 1:16.95 (16 points).

Twelfth place: Colin Richter 1:35.31 (5 points).

400-yard freestyle relay:

Second place: Jaten Wright, Allen Richter, Marten Lopez, Briggs Kerr 3:55.97 (34 points).

Wichita Southwest Invitational Team rankings:

1. Wichita Southeast 269.

2. Junction City 268.

3. Dodge City 251.

4. Hays 248.

5. Trinity Academy 204.

6. Wichita-Classical School of WI 169.

7. Liberal 123.

8. Wichita Heights 121.

9. Wichita South 112.

10. Wichita North 43.


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