The YMCA of the USA has granted the Dodge City Family YMCA independent provisional licensing to become a standalone operation.

Dodge City Family YMCA executive director Jackie Regan said the board of directors decided to pursue the opportunity to become a standalone operation earlier this year to have the Dodge City YMCA independent from Garden City Family YMCA and the YMCA of Southwest Kansas.

“This has been a lengthy process, and we would not be here today without the guidance and support of the Garden City YMCA, City of Dodge City, board of directors and our community,” Regan said. “For that we are extremely grateful and excited to venture on our own and become an independent branch, which will allow us to continue serving Dodge City and Ford County residents.”

Being a standalone operation, according to Regan, will allow Dodge City Family YMCA to operate independently with the guidance and complete governance of the Dodge City board of directors.

“With this change, it will be very transparent that funding received in the form of donations and financial support will be used in, and for, only Dodge City members,” Regan said. "This should allow us to grow and thrive as we move forward to serve our communities independently.”

Regan also highlighted the recent changes and remodels to the YMCA in Dodge City, including the construction for the weight room and expansion for fitness, programming and equipment.

"We are very fortunate to have a strong partnership with the City of Dodge City and look forward to a bright future of the Dodge City Family YMCA," Regan said.

Recently the City of Dodge City and Dodge City Community College reached an agreement to convert locker room space at the Dodge City Family YMCA for DCCC near Cavalier Field.

According to city officials, on Nov. 19, the DCCC board of trustees voted and approved an agreement where DCCC would pay the city up to $100,000 to be paid back in three annual equal installments with 2% interest for financing the expanded locker area.

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