On Dec. 14, Pride Ag Resources held its annual Christmas party for employees and guests with a meal and dance at the Knights of Columbus in Dodge City.

During the evening, CEO-GM Jerald Kemmerer recognized 20 employees with service awards: Derek Anderson, Harold Bogner, Sandy Borger, Kelly Carmona, Angel Garcia, Tyler Grieb, Sigifredo Gonzalez, Tonya Hillman, Stephanie Kippes, Linda Ontiberos, Tyler Peterson, and Leann Sobba with five years of service.

Darren Watson, and Scott Harris with 10 years of service.

David Buchanan, Austin Goering, and Ellen Goering with 15 years of service.

Daniel Millspaugh with 20 years of service.

Jack Lane with 25 years of service.

Darren Korf with 30 years of service.

Kemmerer also took time to thank the other employees for their dedication to the company.