At a special meeting Monday, Dodge City commissioners voted unanimously to approve a $137,335 contract with SMH Consultants for improvements to Iron Road and the platting of the future Candletree No. 6 subdivision north of town.

They also voted unanimously to approve minor amendments to the city’s 2019 budget in time to comply with state budget requirements for Kansas municipalities.

Because of phone difficulties, Commissioner Jan Scoggins was absent and didn't vote.

The Iron Road and Candletree #6 subdivision are installments that are part of the Rural Housing Incentive District program meant to meet the housing needs of a growing workforce in Dodge City.

“This area of town continues to grow,” said Dodge City director of engineering Ray Slattery. “Builders are finishing Candletree #2, so we’d like to start working with builders on Candletree #6 sooner than later.”

Candletree #2 is at 806 Westlawn Ave.

Commissioners approved the 2019 budget in August of 2018, and while cash is available in all the funds affected, a special meeting was held to promote open communications and inform the public of necessary budget changes for the following funds: special highway, community improvement district, capital equipment, development and growth and drainage.

An amendment to the special highway budget was required to allow for additional funding of street projects that wasn't in the original budget.

The community improvement district fund was amended because of an increase in collection in sales tax in the five CID districts.

A change in the way the Kansas Department of Transportation handles grant reimbursement for transportation buses warranted an amendment to the city’s capital equipment fund.

Previously, the city was required to pay a 20% match for the cost of buses.

Now, the city is required to pay the entire dollar amount before KDOT will reimburse the city 80% of the cost.