Carnegie Center for the Arts held its Christmas Card contest recently for local students.

During a reception, the winners of the contest were announced.

According to Carnegie Center for the Arts director Bobbi Brown, the winners were:

Elementary school

First place: Luciana Preciado, Ross Elementary, 3rd grade.

Second place: Evelin Velaquez Alacon, Central Elementary, 3rd grade.

Third place: Jacob Sutton, Sacred Heart, 5th grade.

Honorable Mentions: Lauren Bell, Soule Elementary, 5th grade; Hollyn Downey, Northwest Elementary, 2nd grade and Blain Coffey, Linn Elementary, 5th grade.

Middle School

First Place: Addyson Bogner, Comanche Middle School, 8th grade.

Second Place: Brandon Juarez-Rames, Sacred Heart, 8th grade.

Third Place: Joshua Ruiz Millan, Sacred Heart, 6th grade.

Honorable Mentions: Chris Penalta, Sacred Heart, 6th grade; Aileen Beltran, Comanche Middle School, 7th grade and Jacqueline Hernandez, Comanche Middle School, 7th grade.

High School

First Place: Mariela Lopez, Junior

Second Place: Julie Torres, Senior

Third Place: Karen Del Real, Senior

Honorable Mentions: Paris Carmona, Sophomore; Josephine Cox, Sophomore; Cindy Candela, Junior; Alonso Romero, Junior and Michael Lopez, Senior.

"A big thank you to all who helped with the reception," Brown said, "those students who shared their artistic talents, the judges and especially Mary and Dr. (R.C.) Trotter for sponsorship."

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