A half a point isn't much but thats all it would have taken for Dodge City High School wrestlers to take first place outright at the Dodge City Invitational on Jan. 11.

But that half point was elusive so the Demons shared first place with Great Bend High School 231.5 points each.

It wasn't a surprise that these teams were at the top of the list. Dodge City is ranked 5th in 6A and Great Bend is ranked 3rd in 5A, said DCHS wrestling coach Tate Lowe.

Damian Mendez led the boys team in the 113 division with a first place finish including a victory in the championship round against Pratt's Dalton Weber who is 18-1 on the season.

Mendez was further honored with the outstanding wrestler award that is voted on by the coaches.

Also scoring first place finishes were Luke Barker, a freshman, at 152 pounds and Jashon Taylor at 170 pounds.

Barker recorded wins over Bryce Goswick of Blue Valley who is 20-7 on the season, Dylan Ruane of Discovery Canyon in Colorado who is 15-4 on the season and in the championship match, he scored a win by fall over George Weber of Great Bend who is 10-2 on the season. Taylor won his championship round against Alexavier Rodriguez of Garden City.

As a senior, Taylor showed the type of leader he is and ground out his matches and helped the team win the tournament.

"Throughout the tournament, I thought we wrestled really well," Lowe said. "We're showing improvement week by week. Overall, we performed really well today. We keep improving as the season progresses and that is what we are wanting.

"Josh Bertholf, second at 195, showed today that he can perform at a high level and if he keeps going, will be a key contributor in February."

There was also a girls division at the meet. Leading the girls was Jolette Armarez with a first place in the 155 division with two wins by fall over Great Bend and Garden City and two wins by decision over Great Bend and Ashley Arroyo of Dodge City.

Scoring second place finishes was Jasmine Beltran in 101 with fall wins over Garden City and three different Pratt girls. Also capturing a second place finish was Autumn Perez at 143 with wins over Great Bend and medical forfeit over Stephanie Quinonez of Dodge City.

The team got victories against wrestlers that had previously beat them. Now they have to get back to work and prepare for a home dual meet against Hays on Tuesday then a two-day tournament in Newton on Jan. 17 and 18.

"We have to move on and keep improving," Lowe said. "Everything from here on out just gets tougher."

Boys results.

Numbers in parenthesis are season records.

106 Juan Castro-fifth (12-12) with 8 team points. Wins over Discovery Canyon High School, Colo. medical forfeit by Skyler McMullen of Great Bend and 3-0 decision over Pratt's Dalton Weber for fifth.

113 Damian Mendez-first (24-1) with 34 team points. Four wins by fall and a major decision in the first place round over Devon Weber of Pratt for Weber's first loss of the season.

120 Ismael Ramirez-fourth (14-11) with 9 team points. Scoring two wins over Lucas Barker of Pratt and Chad Nichols of Dodge City.

120 Chad Nichols-eighth (0-6) with no wins.

126 Miguel Aguilera-seventh (7-11) with 4 team points. Win over Pratt and medical forfeit over Ulysses.

132 Josh Gonzales-eleventh (1-6) with no team points. Win over Pratt and a bye.

138 Rudy Hernandez-sixth (15-10) with 10 team points. Wins over Pratt and Blue Valley.

145 Garret Edwards-second (15-3) with 21.5 team points. Fall wins over Gardner Edgerton, Valley Center, Blue Valley and Pratt.

152 Luke Barker-first (22-3) with 25 team points. Fall wins over Pratt, Gardner Edgerton, Blue Valley and Great Bend with major decision over Discovery Canyon.

152 Marcelion Otero-fourth (15-7) with fall wins over Garden City and Valley center and a bye.

160 Ruben Rayas-fourth (11-7) with 11 team points. Fall wins over Blue Valley and Pratt.

170 Jashon Taylor-first (8-2) with 28 team points. Three decision wins over Pratt, Discovery Canyon, Great Bend and Garden City with a forfeit over Ulysses.

182 Ryan Parga-second (19-4) with 26 team points. Fall wins over Blue Valley, Discovery Canyon; decision over Blue Valley and medical forfeit over Gardner Edgerton.

195 Josh Bertholf-second (8-3) with 28 team points. Four fall wins over Pratt, Valley Center, Discovery Canyon and Garden City.

195 Angel Aguilera-ninth (4-11) with one fall victory over Discovery Canyon.

220 Santonio Turner-sixth (12-9) with 8 team points. Decision win over Valley Center and fall win over Discovery Canyon.

285 Samaro Vaughns-eleventh (0-4) with one bye.

285 Cody Terrell-third (17-6) with 19 team points. Wins by fall over Pratt, Discovery Canyon and Blue Valley.

Girls results:

101 Jasmine Beltran-second (8-2) with fall wins over Garden City and three different Pratt girls. Lost to Brecklyn Elliot of Great Bend in the first place match.

101 Daisy Hernandez-fifth (3-2) with wins over Great Bend, Pratt and a sudden victory over Daisy Herman of Pratt in the fifth place match.

109 Sidney Aguilar-fifth (4-6) with a win and medical forfeit over two from Great Bend.

109 Emily Alonzo-fourth (3-6) with a win over Great Bend and a bye.

123 Kimberly Diehl-fifth (1-8) no wins-scratch.

136 Anahy Lopez-fourth (0-3) with no wins.

143 Autumn Perez-second (4-4) with wins over Great Bend and medical forfeit over Stephanie Quinonez of Dodge City.

143 Stephanie Quinonez-fourth (1-7) with no wins.

155 Jolette Armarez-first (4-0) with two wins by fall over Great Bend and Garden City and two wins by decision over Great Bend and Ashley Arroyo of Dodge City.

155 Ashley Arroyo-third (3-6) with one fall win over Great Bend.

Team point results:

1-Dodge City High School 231.5.

1-Great Bend High School 231.5.

3-Valley Center 157.5.

4-Garden City High School 156.0.

5-Gardner Edgerton 155.5.

6-Pratt High School 136.0.

7-Discovery Canyon High School, Colo. 120.0.

8-Ulysses High School 113.0.

9-Blue Valley 109.5.

10-Emporia High School 0.0.

10-Manhattan 0.0.


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