The evening games of the second day of the Tournament of Champions in Dodge City started with the Dodge City Red Demons taking on the Wichita East Blue Aces. The second game featured a match between the Manhattan Indians and the Bishop Miege Stags.

The Blue Aces brought a strong offense and defense and took the first evening game 76-39 victory over Dodge City.

In the second game, a stubborn Bishop Miege team conquered the Manhattan Indians 58-45.

In the first game of the evening, the Blue Aces began a relentless assault with a full court press and aggressive rebounding on both ends of the court. But it took a while to find the range with the first points in the quarter coming at 5 minutes and that was a free throw for the Blue Aces.

Then the three point shots started to fall for the Aces but not for the Demons. Shot after shot fell for East from 3 point land. The Aces relentless pressure forced several turnovers leading to points. The Demons finally got on the board with 3:42 left in the first but the Blue Aces had a 24-4 lead at the end of the first quarter.

The Aces continued to attack every time the Demons had the ball and forced turnovers that led to points to for the Aces.

The Demons' Cooper Loll finally found the 3 point range and was able to get some offense going for the Demons but the short game was just not falling for Dodge.

The Demons fought for the rebounds but the the speed of the Aces resulted in numerous turnovers and rebounds.

On the defensive end, the Demons were able to get some rebounds but the Aces used their speed to steal the ball and increase their lead.

The Aces also paid the price for their aggressive play with several fouls, giving the Demons several trips to the line.

At the half, the Blue Aces led 46-20 over the Demons.

To start the third quarter, the Blue Aces worked the outside perimeter before Daylan Jones hit a 3 point jumper.

The Demons made a whole team substitution with about 5 minutes to go in the third and they answered with a 3 point shot from Daniel Sanchez.

The Blue Aces aggressive defense continued to lead to fouls and point chances for Dodge City.

Whole team substitutions came in again and Cooper Loll hit another 3 pointer for Dodge. East kept having foul problems as they fought for the ball.

But the relentless pressure from the Blue Aces resulted in a 66-33 lead over Dodge at the end of the third.

The Demons kept making whole team substitutions in the fourth and working the ball around the perimeter. The game ended with a running clock and it was the Blue Aces night as they took the victory, 76-39 over the Red Demons.

Adriel Smith led the Blue Aces with 18 points and 1 rebound along with Fontaine Williams with 14 points and 3 rebounds. They were 12/24 from the 3 point line and had 40 rebounds.

For the Demons, Cooper Loll came off the bench and had 12 points and 3 rebounds.

Daniel Sanchez had 7 points and two rebounds. John Johnson had 5 points and 9 rebounds. The Demons out rebounded the Aces 43/40 and were 11/19 from the free throw line also beating the Aces who were 4/6.

Demons Assistant Coach Chris Chilton said the team was making wholesale substitutions, mostly in the fourth quarter, when the game went to a running clock so they could have fresh players for a noon game on Saturday.

Cooper Loll's performance was a preview of his potential and he will continue to develop into a great shooter as he gets older and stronger, Chilton said.

This game was the most fight the Demons have put together all season. After getting past the first quarter where the team only scored 4 points, they started playing like the coaching staff wanted. If they will play like that for four quarters on Saturday, they will have a game.

The team actually out rebounded the Aces and that was a big for the Demons, Chilton said.

The team started boxing out more and they kept battling and didn't give up. Dawson Taylor also came up big for the team with four points and three rebounds.

The Demons had good movement without the ball and were making good cuts to the back door.

The teams biggest issue is communicating on defense. When that happens, the Demons will be a different team.

Coach Joe Jackson of the Wichita East Blue Aces said their team needed to bounce back after taking a loss Thursday to Campus.

Their team goal now is to go 2 and 1 in the tournament and they will get their chance Saturday when they play for fifth place against Wichita Heights.

The Aces played good defense Friday, handled the ball better, did a good on the press and had better transitions. They were also rebounding the ball better.

The team had foul issues Thursday and improved but still gave the Demons 11/19 from the free throw line even after they dialed down their defense, Jackson said.

James King had 2 fouls but still made key plays in the game. The Aces are a young team and playing four sophomores and a couple of juniors that are getting a lot of minutes so the outlook is good for the Aces.

The Indians got things off to a fast start in the second evening game of the Tournament of Champions on Friday. The game began with a driving layup that set the tone for a close match between the Bishop Miege Stags and the Manhattan Indians.

The game was close four three quarters but the Stags pulled away in the fourth and won the game, 58-45.

Both teams took man to man defenses early and the Indians took advantage of fast breaks to take an early 7-2 lead but the Stags answered with a couple of baskets to narrow the lead to one.

The Indians worked the outside perimeter as they set up Mitch Munsen for a driving layup but was fouled.

Manhattan kept up the outside perimeter pressure, working for an inside shot.

The Stags also worked the outside perimeter and looked to the three pointer.

Both teams were aggressive on the boards at both ends of the court. The Stags missed a couple of free throw opportunities and the teams traded shots to end the first quarter Manhattan 14, Bishop Miege 12.

Free throws kept the Stags close, accounting for 7 of their 12 points.

The second half continued with the same outside perimeter work and teams trading shots to a 16-16 tie.

The Stags went to a zone defense to slow down the Indians offensive opportunities.

It gave the Stags better rebounding and it worked until Manhattan's Colton Sullivan drained a 3 to put the Indians back in the lead. Teams traded points and the Indians took a 24-21 lead into half time.

For the Indians, Mitch Munsen had 8 points, Peyton Weixelman had 6 with 2 rebounds. They were 2/4 from the free throw line.

The Stags were led by Mark Mitchell with 11 points, Harrison Braudis with 5 and 3 rebounds, Christian Bowen-Webb with 5 and 1 rebound. They were 8/10 from the free throw line.

The second half tempo started fast with teams trading baskets and a 30-30 tie at 4:50.

Harrison Braudis hit a three pointer to give the Stags the lead half way though the quarter.

Antonio Barron countered with a two pointer to give the lead back to the Indians. Miege stayed in their zone defense for better rebounding position.

The Indians kept the pressure up on defense and forced a turnover and fast break but couldn't convert.

Teams traded baskets and Manhattan had a 41-39 lead at the end of the third quarter following a last second two pointer from the Stags.

Both teams kept up the intensity in fourth quarter trading baskets to keep the game close. Both moved the ball down the court at a fast pace.

The Stags got a breakaway basket and they took a three point lead with five minutes to go in the game.

The Indians had several chances late in the game but were unable to complete their shots. With time running out, the Indians tried to set up a play but the Stags defense was aggressive, got a steal and increased their lead to 54-45 with 1:24 left in the game.

Forced to foul, Manhattan's Chandler Marks fouled out with 40 seconds left in the game.

Miege kept up the pressure and the final was Stags 58, Indians 45.

The Stags got key leadership from Christian Bowan-Webb who had 15 points and 1 rebound. Mark Mitchell also had 16 points and 6 rebounds while Harrison Braudis scored 14 points and had 6 rebounds. As a the team, they had 25 rebounds and were 18/23 from the free throw line but only 2/10 for three pointers.

Manhattan got big work from Antonio Barron who scored 10 and 1 rebound. Mitch Munsen had 8 points and 1 rebound.

The team had 17 rebounds and went 6/12 from the free throw line. Peyton Weixelman, Raeshon Riddick and Tyce Hoover each had 6 points.

Stags Coach Rich Zych said they were having problems with Manhattan getting second and third shots from rebounds.

They had to keep the ball out of the post so they want to the man to man and that was the answer. They stood their ground and kept the Indians to just one basket in the fourth quarter.

"I think we showed toughness in the fourth quarter," Zych said

Both teams were physical but this turned out to be a game of sprints and the Stags zone held firm.

They attacked the basket and were able to hit shots when Manhattan couldn't. It made the Indians tentative and that made the difference in the game.


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