It was a game of runs Tuesday night when the Dodge City Red Demons took on the Garden City Buffaloes that marked 257 meetings between these two teams in a rivalry that started in 1907.

The Buffaloes had three big runs in the game that the Demons couldn't overcome and Dodge posted a 57-42 loss to the Buffaloes.

The Buffaloes got their first run in the first quarter when they rattled off a 7-0 run when Dodge had a 5-1 lead following a Cooper Scheck three pointer.

The Demons tied the game a couple of times and had a lead late in the first quarter but a late shot gave the Buffaloes a one point lead at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter, the Demons were stymied by the Buffaloes defense and not being able to get shots to fall. The Buffaloes went on a 9-0 run while allowing the Demons only four points and two of those were free throws.

Then the Demons gathered some momentum and started to chip away at the Buffalo lead. But every time the Demons gained on the Buffaloes, they answered back. Still the lead was only at seven with Garden City leading 31-24.

The Demons outscored Garden in the third quarter, allowing the Buffaloes just one three point basket while the Demons scored 9.

Josh Harshberger made a pair of back to back baskets to get the Demons within three and Dawson Taylor hit a three to tie the game.

Once again, the Buffalo defense and the inability to hit shots caught up to the Demons as Garden City had another 9-0 run while Dodge scored only three.

John Johnson kept applying offensive pressure hitting from the field and from the free throw line in a game that saw a lot of fouls on both sides.

The Demons resorted to fouls to extend the game but the Buffalo foul shots kept them in the lead for a final score of Garden City 57, Dodge City 42.

Team points: John Johnson-18 points, Aidan Sowers-8, Josh Harshberger-6, Dylan Smith-4, Cooper Scheck-3, Dawson Taylor-3.


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