Per action taken by its board of directors, New Chance Inc. has separated its executive director position into director of clinical services, held by Jimmy Jones, and director of administrative services, held by Doug Austen.

“We have spent the last six months reviewing the management process of the agency and feel we have made the right choice by appointing these two gentlemen as co-directors,” said chairwoman of the board of directors Natalie Randall. “They have already been through one annual state audit together and the future of the agency is on solid ground.”

Jones has been with New Chance for 17 years, and before becoming director of clinical services, he served as clinical manager and before that as a licensed addictions counselor.

Originally hired as the financial manager, Austen has been providing care at New Chance for eight years.

Rounding out the management team are office manager Janet Zimmerman and residential treatment supervisors Todd Bittle and Rod Baker.

According to Jones, the board does plan to bring in another executive director.

New Chance Inc. has been providing addiction treatment services to assist those with drug, alcohol and gambling addictions in Dodge City for over 40 years.

Its building is equipped with full facilities to help those in recovery in a humane environment, including adequate room and board (subject to availability), laundry and bathing facilities, a cafeteria with diet management options, and a weight room and other recreational places.

It is also equipped to help with social detoxing.

Therapy options include service animal-based therapy, group therapy, counseling and cognitive therapy, combined with a safe place for expression.

New Chance also has a class that works with Senate Bill 123, which provides certified substance abuse treatment for offenders convicted of drug possession who are nonviolent adult offenders with no prior convictions of drug trafficking, drug manufacturing or drug possession with intent to sell.

Staff and counselors are readily available and are prepared to help set appointments for guests and listen not only to their concerns, but to concerns of their families as well.

New Chance also offers bilingual assistance.

“The addict is one thing, but the family also suffers, and they think it’s their fault half of the time,” said Jones. “So, we want to be able to present some form of education, and hopefully use that to make a difference for the family as well as the addict.”

Jones said New Chance wants to spread mental health awareness and have more family involvement and partner regularly with Dodge City Area Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Western Plains Medical Complex, Compass Behavior Health and the Crisis Center of Dodge City.

New Chance also supports recovering patrons to become active in the community during treatment, with many of them finding comfort and pride in helping set up events at the Western State Bank Expo Center and Dodge City Days festivities.

Currently to be better prepared for impending new changes, New Chance is recruiting those seeking employment options.

For more information, call 620-225-0476 or visit New Chance Inc. in person at 2500 E. Wyatt Earp Blvd.