The Dodge City Kennel Club will host a United Kennel Club Agility Trial at the Western State Bank Expo Center on Saturday, Feb. 21, and Sunday, Feb. 22.

The Dodge City Kennel Club has been active in Dodge City for more than 25 years, offering basic and advanced obedience classes and an agility class.

Each year, it sponsors two separate UKC Agility Trials.

"If you’ve seen it on TV, that’s when dogs run the obstacle course, with the weaves, the tunnels, the jumps," said Glenna Walker, CPDT-KA and DCKC secretary.

Walker added that about 40 separate dogs from Kansas, and occasionally Oklahoma and Colorado, run three to six times every year.

There will be three different difficulty levels of agility competition, adjusted for four different height divisions, to give each dog a fair chance to be awarded titles and scored by UKC-licensed judges.

Any dog can enter if they meet the requirements and the proper paperwork is filed through the UKC.

The competition begins around 8 a.m. and will run until completed.

DCKC and UKC members will be on-site to answer questions about signing up for future trials and/or classes.

To enter the competition, dogs must have been registered with the UKC and must have met pre-entry requirements via applications found at by Feb. 14, including a small registration fee of $20 to $30.

The second Agility Trial competition for this year will be held sometime in October.

For more information on classes, visit Dodge City Kennel Club, located in the basement of Office Plaza building at 114 1/2 Gunsmoke Street, or visit

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