Citizens of Ford County, I’ve been made aware of some correspondence being sent to residents of Ford County from what appears to be two different groups.

The first is Benefits Suspensions Unit Ford County Public Judgment Records; Notice Of Intent To Levy Social Security Benefits.

The second is Tax Processing Unit Internal Processing Service Ford County Public Judgement Records

Auto Sales, Your Property Will Be Seized

Final Demand For Payment For Nonpayment Of Taxes To The State Of Kansas.

I personally called one of the numbers associated with the letters and spoke with a male who said they are a tax service company and later on in my conversation said:

We’re not the IRS were a group of tax attorneys and CPA’s.

We’re actually a tax advocacy group. Our job is to get the taxes reduced to an amount that people can actually afford.

Citizens this is a marketing tool.

The individual even said just throw it away it’s just junk mail.

The reason I bring this to your attention is that no one from the Ford County Sheriff’s Office, Ford County Treasurers Office, Ford County Register of Deeds Office or any other agency within Ford County has any affiliation with these letters.

If you should have any questions or concerns please call the Ford County Sheriff’s Office, Ford County Treasurers Office or the Kansas Department of Revenue for assistance.

This has been reported to the Kansas Attorney Generals Fraud Division for inquiry.