TerraKat is offering attendees the opportunity to learn from a customer why they should take a chance on this brand-new Kansas manufacturer.

“Startup Company ‘Spreading’ the Savings,” will be presented on Saturday, March 21 at 11:30 a.m. by Wesley Werth. The presentation is free and open to anyone attending the 66th Annual 3i SHOW, March 19-21, at the Western State Bank Expo Center in Dodge City.

Werth will discuss his experience with a TerraKat T20 manure spreader, purchased in November 2019.

The T20 features TerraKat’s flail-style rock-bypass vertical beaters, an apron with a double row set of log chains and slats and is equipped with a walking-beam Floating Suspension system.

For more information and to check out the T34 Spreader, visit TerraKat in space I-199 or visit them online at www.TerraKat.com.

Owned and operated by a dairyman from Fort Scott, Kansas, TerraKat was started to meet the ever-expanding needs of the modern farmer. TerraKat prides themselves on their understanding that in order to be globally competitive, farmers demand a quality product at an affordable value.

TerraKat currently offers a quality manure spreader line of 7 models and hopes to soon expand product line to include other equipment.

The 3i SHOW, sponsored by Western Kansas Manufacturers Association, will be held March 19-21, 2020, at the Western State Bank Expo Center in Dodge City.

For complete information, visit www.3ishow.com, or contact the WKMA office directly toll-free at 877-405-2883 or locally at 620-227-8082.