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The good nature of community during the COVID-19 pandemic, is being defined by the Boot Hill Distillery as they have partnered with several local businesses to produce and distribute bottles of the World Health Organization's recommended hand rub formula.

This WHO Recommended Handrub Formula 1 will be available, for free on Sunday March 22, at noon in front of the Boot Hill Distillery on 4th. Avenue and at Victory Electric at 3230 N. 14th Avenue.

"If we can help, we should," said Hayes Kelman, owner of Boot Hill Distillery in a news release. "We recognized a community's need for a hand cleanser product, and since the distillery has the ability to produce a product to meet that need, why would we not do our best to help the community?"

The Boot Hill Distillery aims to produce more than 18,000 of the four-ounce bottled product, with the first batch ready to be distributed to those in need.

Kelman said, the idea for the conveniently available hand cleansing agent began to stir this passing Tuesday, when they had shut down the Boot Hill Distillery’s tasting room considering recent events.

The initial roadblock was that they were only able to legally produce consumable alcoholic beverages per their license, despite the fact, they already had the means to make and bottle the product.

They began to work with their various trade organizations while the Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S and American Craft Spirits Association, had been in communication with the federal government to find ways to circumvent the laws preventing them from producing this product.

It wasn’t until the middle of last week, that they received a solid answer from the TTB, that distilleries nationwide could produce a hand sanitizer, with regulations from the World Health Organization.

“We’re following a very strict formula that they [WHO] put out, with how specifically to make this product,” said Kelman in an interview.

The three separate and sourced ingredients are ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, and glycerol.

Kelman said they have decent supply of the latter two but are always looking for more.

By Thursday morning Boot Hill Distillery was receiving phone calls from several other local businesses, eager to know how they could contribute financially to this cause.

Sizable contributions came from, Victory Electric, Kansas Corn, Dodge City/Ford County Development Corporation, Conestoga Energy, Western Plains Medical Complex, Conant Construction, Centera Bank, Nu Life Market, Hilker Trucking, and other members of the community. Conestoga Energy, based in Liberal, Kans, is also supplying high proof ethanol for the product.

“Our whole mission here was to make a free product and donate it to the public however we can,” said Kelman.

In order to insure the safest possible way of distribution and to make sure every person can receive hand sanitizer, only one bottle will be available per adult by driving up to either locations where people are not to exit their vehicles.

In the coming days, when current supplies are depleted, more drive-up distribution sites with more product will be available.

Businesses and organizations with a need for a larger quantity of hand sanitizer can make an order by filling out a form found at

Distribution will be determined by urgency of need.

Boot Hill Distillery is still working on more details at this time as they supply this product and are still accepting donations, to make sure they can still supply it.