BUCKLIN — A grant of $3,000 was awarded by the Community Foundation of Southwest Kansas to Bucklin Boy Scouts Troop 216 recently.

According to the Bucklin Boy Scouts, the money will be used for the development of a Veterans Memorial Park that is to be constructed on the north area of Main Street in Bucklin.

The project began with Garin Stimpert, who is working on becoming an Eagle Scout. Stimpert needed to develop and give leadership to others in a service project helpful to any religious institution, school, or community and must benefit an organization other than the Boy Scouts of America.

"The positive response and enthusiasm of constructing this Memorial Park has exceeded my expectations," Stimpert said. "Construction of this park is expected to start at the first of May and have it completed by September and to have it ready for this upcoming 2020 Veterans Day."

Stimpert selected the project as a way to honor all veterans, past, present and future and is a way to show them appreciation for their service.

Stimpert gained approval through the Bucklin city council, then presented his drawing plans and budget to the American Legion Post 269 in Bucklin for its approval, as the legion post is the benefactor of the project.

According to Stimpert, based on drawing renditions of the project, the memorial will have a metal arch entrance with a cement paved walkway leading up to a granite memorial with military symbols displayed on the sides.

Three flagpoles along with a solid white fence will be behind the memorial, and along each side of the walkway will be paving bricks recognizing veterans.

"At the end of the walkway (left-right), will be paving bricks recognizing those that have donated or contributed to the construction of this park," Stimpert said. "Also, there will be two bronze displays of a quote from Presidents Ronald Reagan and Harry S. Truman."

According to Stimpert, any veteran from anywhere can have a brick displayed with their name, military branch and date served.

Brick pricing is $75 for 4-by-8-inch bricks; $125 for 8-by-8-inch bricks; and $200 for 12-by-12-inch bricks.

Donations or contributions of over $100 will also have a brick displayed with their name on it.

To make a donation to the Veterans Memorial Park, call Stimpert at 620-255-1644 or Roger at 620-369-0052, or mail to Garin Stimpert, 12631 Windy Road, Kingsdown, KS 67842.

Orders must be in by June 15.

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