Those weeds with one of my favorite color flowers are beginning to show up in several lawns.

Better known as henbit, this pesky weed along with dandelions are a sure sign of spring.

Henbit, the pretty purple flower that is beginning to pop up, will not be able to be controlled effectively this time of year.

Many control measures applied now will burn it back, but will not control it.

Henbit is a winter annual, it comes up in the fall, matures in the spring and dies as soon as it starts to get hot. My suggestions now is to keep it mowed and let nature run its course.

Mark your calendars for next fall, around mid-October to really control it.

Spraying with 2,4-D, Weed-B-Gon, Weed Free Zone, Weed Out or Trimec in late October to early November will help eliminate it next spring.

Unfortunately, dandelions also fall into this category.

For more information on weed control, please contact the Ford County Extension Office. The staff of the Ford County Extension Office are currently telecommuting in light of the current situation in order to protect you our stakeholders and our staff.

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I have already received several questions about lawns, trees and insects via email. Keep them coming!

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