No. Yes. No. Now that I am working from home.

I am spending more time answering my children’s questions and looking at my lawn and wishing I had been home to spray the weeds last fall.

No, do not spray your buffalo grass lawn with Round-up, it is too late to control weeds.

The grass is already breaking dormancy (starting to green up) and spraying Round-up now will stunt the grass and hurt it for the entire growing season.

Those applications should be done in the fall or early winter.

If you have broadleaf weeds in your buffalo grass, spray it with a broadleaf herbicide such as Trimec or Surge.

Yes. Now is the time to put down your crabgrass preventer. With the unseasonably warm weather we have had, we are about three weeks ahead of schedule in our blooming of plants and sprouting of weeds.

A good rule of thumb is to apply the pre-emergent herbicide, such as Halts or Barricade, when the forsythia bush flowers or when the redbud trees are blooming.

Remember that crabgrass preventers can kill newly seeded grass.

No. Henbit, the pretty (a matter of opinion) purple flower that can be seen everywhere right now, cannot be controlled at this late stage.

Many control measures applied now will burn it back, but will not control it.

Henbit is a winter annual; it comes up in the fall, matures in the spring and dies as soon as it starts to get hot.

My suggestions now is to keep it mowed and let nature run its course.

Mark your calendars for next fall, around mid-October to really control it.

Spraying with 2,4-D, Weed-B-Gon, Weed Free Zone, Weed Out or Trimec in late October to early November will help eliminate it next spring.

While I am telecommuting (working from home) I am still available to answer questions and provide resources for you.

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