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As Fully Promoted powered by EmbroidMe in Dodge City continues its rebranding initiative, its shift in services has gone from its usual advertising services, to becoming a major supplier of personal protective equipment, or PPE, for businesses worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic.

PPE equipment, such as different kinds of masks, gloves, sterile suits, caps and face shields, are being manufactured as high-priority essential items for sale.

"We are a global franchise. We’ve owned our store locally for 16 years, but we are globally represented," said Kim Unruh, owner of Fully Promoted by EmbroidMe, Dodge City.

Unruh expresses belief that their rebranding plays into their current PPE supplying initiative on a larger scale, emphasizing the benefit of connection during these current tense times, especially where virus protective measures are in high demand.

Traditionally, in the past, Fully Promoted has supplied uniforms and promotional products, like logos, for all industries, including businesses, schools, clubs, other organizational agencies, and the wide-range health care industry, with biggest sellers being masks and hand cleanser.

"With the pandemic having hit, the need is greater for masks, but the fact is the need is great not just for our country," said Unruh. "Because of that, essential masks, essential protection gear has become a much greater demand at a time when airfreight can’t happen.

"We have less planes in the air, less workers in the factories, less fabric available to make these products because everybody wants them, so supply and demand comes into play and your prices for this protection gear start to go way up."

Unruh cites the relationship between Fully Promoted’s various credential verified venders between their overseas manufacturers, is benefiting their ability to make and distribute certified PPE products exactly as they are described.

While they are still providing their original services but at a smaller scale to essential businesses that have remained open, its primary objective is meeting the greater PPE supply and demand needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Current products include hand sanitizers (though at a slower rate because of current air travel regulations), cloth and disposable masks, rubber gloves, masks with face shields, full body sterile gowns, and shoe covers.

These PPE products are all available at price margins that fits Fully Promoted’s financial needs, so they can continue to manufacture them, while making them affordable for clients.

PPE products and their adjusting prices and availability, can be found at the online store made just for these products at

For more information or questions, call Fully Promoted Powered by EmbroidMe at 620-227-3100.