An on-site survey conducted by the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services, at SunPorch of Dodge City revealed to staff that the confidence had in their routine COVID-19 prevention procedures, was not misplaced.

“Everyone in every department is responsible for maintaining the infection-control guidelines,” said Tosha Fields, RN, director of nursing services. “These guidelines are the processes we use to attempt to break the cycle of infection and prevent transmission from one person to another.”

Staff was subjected to state surveyors’ observations of basic care services and other measures including, screening processes, personal protective equipment procedures, hand hygiene, and all processes pertaining to dining and other activities.

Due to COVID-19, SunPorch shifted visitation procedures, making them only by phone, and other services, such Facetime and Skype. This extends to tele-conferences with physicians, at the long-term-care residence.

Before entering the building, everyone is screened at the front door and required to answer a questionnaire. Masks are also mandatory throughout the duration of all shifts, and temperatures and oxygenation levels are routinely recorded.

“We also have turbo-boosted our cleaning and disinfection schedules,” Fields said. “In addition, we are providing further in-service training regarding infection control and hand hygiene.

“We are so proud of all our team members. They are working hard to care for our elders and are extremely diligent about the processes we have in place.”

SunPorch administrator Ryan Salinas added, “Keeping our elders safe is always first and foremost in our minds. We have adapted to this new era of COVID-19 by enhancing our infection-prevention processes to keep up with the ever-changing requirements.

“Having state surveyors notice our efforts is similar to studying hard for that really tough exam and getting an A-plus.”