Edgar A. Pando, a southwest Kansas native and attorney with the Kerbs Law Office in Dodge City, announced his candidacy to run on the Democratic ticket for Kansas Senate District 38.

District 38 covers Ford, Clark, Gray, Meade and Seward counties as well as the southern portion of Hodgeman County.

In a news release sent to The Daily Globe, Pando said he is a graduate of Cimarron High School, born in Liberal and a graduate of the University of Kansas, where he earned degrees in engineering and law.

During his legal career, Pando said, he has dedicated himself to public service as well as practicing civil law and duties as assistant attorney for the governments of Cimarron, Ford County, Greensburg and Jetmore, as well as an assistant attorney for the local school district and community college.

“A lot of people are exhausted from hyper-partisan politics and are hungry for change," Pando said. "I’m running to give the people of southwest Kansas an alternative to business as usual.

"As a lifelong Kansan and political moderate, I’m ready to move past petty politics and get down to the business of solving the problems facing our community.”

Joining Pando's campaign as treasurer will be former 16th Judicial District Chief Judge Dan Love and advisers including former telecom executive and political independent Pat Morse.

According to Pando, the campaign is the next step in serving his community and will focus on common sense solutions to problems facing rural communities by combining his technical background, legal knowledge to improve the agriculture economy, improve rural health care and education, and reform the state’s expensive and ineffective criminal justice system.

“Edgar is a very bright young man who can bring energy into a political scene that needs an overhaul," Love said. "His recognition of the issues we face and desire to find solutions that actually benefit this district is what we need in Topeka."

“With the current pandemic it is now more apparent to me than ever that we need representation willing to bridge the partisan divide and represent the diverse interests of southwest Kansas,” Morse said. "The partisan battles in the Capitol, especially in the State Senate, have only worked to alienate the rural districts at the expense of political posturing.

"I have experience working with a number of politicians through my work in government relations, and I believe Edgar is uniquely qualified to take on the challenge of representing this community.”

In talking of campaigning during the pandemic, Pando said it has made it difficult but he will be looking to approach that with the use of technology such as Zoom, his website and email.

“To connect with voters, any voter can schedule a Zoom video conference with me through my website, where you can also find my phone number and email address," Pando said. "Now more than ever, it is essential that politicians hear from their constituents and understand the issues affecting them.

"I’m ready to listen.”

To learn more about Pando’s campaign, visit www.edgarpandoforkansas.com.