The Dodge City Fire Department is set to begin conducting its annual testing of fire hydrants throughout the city on May 11.

This process is scheduled to take approximately 10 weeks, with completion in mid-July.

“Fire hydrant testing is used by the DCFD to prepare for fires before they happen and is required by the National Fire Protection Association,” Fire Chief Ken Spencer said. “One of the main objectives of conducting the testing is to find hydrants that are deemed “Out of Service’ because of no water available, low pressure, below ground leaks and other various factors.

"As well as identifying other service needs of the hydrants and low flow areas.”

The data collected from the hydrant testing and inspections is put into a database and is used for firefighting preplanning.

The information is also shared with the city’s water and engineering departments for the maintenance and planning and development of the water system.

Residents may notice temporary rust-like discoloration to their faucet water when hydrant testing is being conducted nearby.

If this occurs, let the water run for a few minutes or until it becomes clear again. This process also applies to washing machines.

A full schedule of dates and locations of the 2020 fire hydrant testing can be found online at, or residents may call Captain Brian Hudson at 620-225-8187 for more information and questions.