In the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with toilet paper, another sought-after item bought in bulk was bottled water. As bottled water supplies run low, one way to avoid the need altogether is a one-time purchase of a water purification system.

BestWater of Southwest Kansas, located at 2104 E. Wyatt Earp Blvd., uses the same water purification of Reverse Osmosis in food and beverage production and is available to be installed in the home.

Removing the impurities at home gives owners healthier drinking water and lowers the need to buy bottled water.

According to Gary Stein, co-owner of BestWater of Southwest Kansas, BestWater has installed systems in hundreds of businesses and homes in Dodge City, including Dodge City Brewing, located at 701 3rd Ave.

Home installation prices start below $1,300.

"Three years ago, BestWater of Southwest Kansas installed a sophisticated RO system at Dodge City Brewing," Stein said. "A tour of Dodge City Brewing by owner Larry Cook is an eye-opener as to the variables in water quality faced in brewing beer.

"There are more than 100 defined beer styles and each beer has a different 'water recipe' that defines the variables that include hardness, alkalinity, sulfates and chloride, along with many others.

"Larry will tell you that the water needed to brew the 1872 Lager at Dodge City Brewing is relatively soft with a 5 to 4 sulfate to chloride ratio to accentuate the delicate malt profile, while providing the crisp, clean lager finish."

Cook, along with wife Sheri, has spent 16 years brewing and learning all the process details required to make a top-shelf beer, opening Dodge City Brewing in the summer of 2017.

The brewery has gone on to win several awards, including gold and silver medals at the Colorado State Fair in 2019.

Stein and his wife, Bev, are long-time residents of Dodge City.

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