The Ford County Clerk's Office released a preliminary list of candidates who have filed for the 2020 election cycle.

The deadline to file for office is noon June 1.

There will be three options for how to cast a vote.

In-office advance voting begins July 16 for the primary election, with two evening voting times and a Saturday voting time.

In-office advance voting will take place in the Rose Room of the Government Center basement to have machines properly distanced.

The primary will be held Aug. 4, with voting taking place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

"You may ask for a ballot by mail to be sent to your home. This is always an option for every election," Ford County Clerk Debbie Cox said in a statement. "This year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the clerk’s office is mailing out Applications for Ballot By Mail.

"There will be two applications if you would like to request a ballot for the August Primary and or the November General.

"Fill out one request for each election, with the election date at the bottom; Aug. 4, for the primary and Nov. 3, for the November General."

Voters will not have to fill out a new application if they are already on the Permanent Advance list.

Those with a disability who would like to be on the permanent advance list may call the clerk's office at 620-227-4551. The application for the Permanent Advance Ballot will then be sent out.

Deadline to change party affiliation will be noon June 1 for the primary election. The last day to register to vote for the primary will be July 14.

The following candidates and office they are running for are as follows. A final list will be released after the June 1 filing deadline:

• Ford County Attorney: Kevin B. Salzman, Republican

• Ford County Clerk: Debbie Cox, Republican

• Ford County Commissioner District 2: Christopher Boys, Republican

• Ford County Commissioner District 3: Ken W. Snook, Republican

• Ford County Register of Deeds: Brenda Pogue, Republican

• Ford County Sheriff: Bill Carr, Republican

• Ford County Treasurer: Kourtney Soltero, Republican; Sara Kathleen Woods, Republican

• U.S. House of Representatives District 1: Jerry Molstad, Republican

• Kansas House of Representatives District 115: Boyd Orr, Republican; Courtney Schweizer, Republican

• Kansas House of Representatives District 117: Leonard Mastroni, Republican

• Kansas House of Representatives District 119: Bradley C. Ralph, Republican; Jan Scoggins, Democrat

• Kansas Senate District 38: Bud Estes, Republican; Joseph Nuci Jr., Republican; Edgar A. Pando, Democrat

• District Court Judge 16th District (District 2): Dawn P. Hayes, Democratic; Andrew M. Stein, Democrat

• District Court Judge 16th District (District 3): Laura H. Lewis, Republican

• Bloom Township Treasurer: David Learning, Republican

• Bloom Township Trustee: Del Clowdis, Republican

• Bucklin Township Treasurer: Kevin Birney, Republican

• Bucklin Township Trustee: Tony Slade Tilley, Republican

• Concord Township Trustee: Charles M. Nicholson, Republican

• Dodge Township Treasurer: Darrell Burkhart, Republican

• Dodge Township Trustee: Bob Lampe, Republican

• Fairview Township Trustee: Jerry Hessman, Republican; Marvin Hertel, Republican

• Grandview Township Treasurer: Gregory Lix, Republican

• Grandview Township Trustee: Giles Issinghoff, Republican

• Royal Township Trustee: Ron Schneweis, Republican

• Spearville Township Trustee: Norbert H. Linnebur, Republican

• Wheatland Township Treasurer: Kenneth Rueb, Democrat

• Wheatland Township Trustee: Rean Stegman, Republican

• Precinct Committeeman-Precinct 1: Clint Long, Republican

• Precinct Committeewoman-Precinct 1: Laura Tawater, Republican

• Precinct Committeeman-Precinct 2: Jeremy Nagel, Republican

• Precinct Committeewoman-Precinct 2: Nicole Nagel, Republican

• Precinct Committeewoman-Precinct 3: Mary Lou Zerr, Republican

• Precinct Committeeman-Precinct 4: Lawrence P. Daniels, Democrat

• Precinct Committeeman-Precinct 6: Mark Koontz, Republican; Mark D. Fischer

• Precinct Committeewoman-Precinct 6: Cheryl Koontz, Republican

• Precinct Committeewoman Dodge Township H115: Marcia Couch, Republican

• Precinct Committeeman Enterprise Precinct: Tony Zortman, Republican

• Precinct Committeewoman Enterprise Precinct: Jeanie Zortman, Republican

• Precinct Committeeman Richland TWP: Steve L. Hale, Republican

• Precinct Committeewoman Richland TWP: Nola Ellen Hale, Republican

• Precinct Committeeman Bucklin City: Fred Vocasek, Republican

• Precinct Committeewoman Bucklin City: Denise Vocasek, Republican

• Precinct Committeeman Spearville City: Johnny Dunlap II, Democrat

• Precinct Committeewoman Spearville City: Pat Heeke, Republican

For precinct voting, voters will select one from each party. For all other primary elections, voters will vote for one person.

For more information or questions on voter registration, call the clerk's office at 620-227-4551.