HAVILAND—Barclay College in Haviland is in the process of welcoming one of the largest classes in school history to campus this month, even amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With more than 70 new students coming in as freshmen and 80 returning students on campus, recruitment tactics seem to be paying off for the four-year, Quaker-based college.

"When I started here last year, I met with Royce [Frazier, BC President] and I told him I want to expose this secret to the world," said Scott Post, Coordinator of Recruiting and head women’s basketball coach. "Not enough people know about this amazing place and we worked really hard to change that this past year."

Post said Barclay College staff and faculty weren’t sure what recruiting and enrollment would like, but the outcome is full of success. Post was hired last year to help with recruiting and women’s basketball and immediately wanted to make a difference on campus. Post attributes this large class to some adjustments the recruiting staff made during his first year as a BC employee. When it seemed that COVID-19 would be an obstacle for BC to get students on campus, they were receiving a record number of commitments to attend. Post believes this is because they were really open and honest about the vision of the college and the direction they are going in the future. Post tried to let the spirit of the college shine through the recruiting process and allow students to feel valued as people.

"We are embracing the view that God is bringing these new students to us and it is our duty to love them and welcome them and help them in the process of gaining a great education and opportunity for God to move in their life," said Post.

There is a mix of new staff and veteran staff that will make a great atmosphere for all involved in campus life at Barclay College. The new director of nursing is working hard to get the program accredited and bring new students to campus through that and the athletic programs are growing as well.

"The main thing is that Christ is still the center of our vision, no matter what degree a new student chooses," said Post.

Barclay College has served southwest Kansas since 1917. They have a variety of bachelor’s and master’s degrees available on campus or online. All students who live on campus receive a free tuition scholarship.