An unspecified number of 2020 general election voters in the Kansas City metro area decided to write in their favorite player, Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes, for president of the United States earlier this week.

County voting officials confirmed the write-in votes.

It’s unlikely those votes would have made a difference. Voters in both Kansas and Missouri chose Republican incumbent President Donald Trump as their electoral pick. The president received nearly 57% of the vote in both states.

When told about the write-in votes, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Mahomes couldn’t help but crack a smile.

"Funny getting written in, but that’s not anywhere where I’m thinking right now," Mahomes said in a news conference on Wednesday, Nov. 4. "Maybe later on, I’ll think of a slogan or something like that."

Unfortunately, Mahomes could not become president even if he got the votes. A person must be at least 35 years old to be eligible for the office. Mahomes is 25.

The Chiefs’ star quarterback said he voted in the 2020 election by absentee ballot. However, his focus is now on Sunday’s scheduled game between the Chiefs and the North Carolina Panthers.

Travis Meier/FOX4News contributed to this report.