Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Hays Daily News Facebook: Ellis County to have vote for half-cent sales tax

Dana Stenzel: I know at my house I have to stay within a budget! ... now there’s a thought

Ann Patterson: same issues in phillipsburg. we have no business for jobs but we need a sports complex and another walking path.the only plus for hays is that we all need to drive there to shop,lol.

Scott Schneider: Have they considered spending less?


Salina Journal Facebook: City, county consider Expo Center renovations

Mark Haase: I don’t have a problem with it as long as it’s private money .

Ron Musfelt: Sounds like us taxpayers are going to take it in the shorts again. More spending without voting from taxpayers.


Tracey Mann to run for Congress, cites fear of Democrats' goals

Ginger West Stelk: Mann has integrity and values Kansans who are hard working and honest and just trying to provide for their families. He’s a great guy!

Niko Stavro: Please explain to me how having control of both Houses and still accomplishing nothing is "doing his best", and how electing yet another legislative paperweight is going to help.

Kathy Parrish: With such poor judgment this guy should not get anywhere near Congress! If he believes trump is in any way competent to be in the position he is in, he is not paying attention!


Garden City Telegram: Finney County Commissioner Bill Clifford running for Congress

Mary Arkebauer: We need you in office Dr. Clifford! You’ve got our vote!

Vera Orosco: You have my vote!! I know you would be AWESOME!!!!


Topeka Capital-Journal Facebook: Kansans for Life leaders "angry and motivated"

Joseph-Frank Seely Brocchus: I think everybody has a right to do and live their life the way they want to. It Is not any of my business what anyone else does

Zaney Delaney: They stop caring about those lives the moment they're born.

Anne Pritchett: I have zero respect for these people until they support true pro life policies like health care access for all, food and housing security, increasing the minimum wage, abolishing the death penalty, and other policies that really do support life. Merely opposing abortion is not enough.

Stacy Nicole: So when is the podcast going to feature an abortion rights advocate?


Shawnee County DA gives $25K in diversion fees to the Topeka Rescue Mission

Daniel James: What business needs a quarter of a million dollars every month to operate? Topeka rescue mission does.... AND IT IS RUN BY VOLUNTEERS utilizing FOOD AND GOODS THAT ARE DONATED

Richard Foster: Serious, Is this his money to give away? Political points with money meant to pay back the Tax Payer.