Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Topeka Capital-Journal Facebook: U.S. Rep. Watkins investigated for using UPS Store address on documents

Linda Petit Lucero: So crazy to wake up to that in the headlines this morning. Brownback, Kobach and Watkins. We must be the laughing stock of our country

Dee Hogue Klausman: Where is Kris Kobach when we need him? He’d get to the bottom of voter fraud.

Charles Criqui: More waste of resources and tax money because of some weak liberal crying. Smh

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed: What a tool. I can't believe he won over a man who lives and works in Kansas and would represent Kansas. Of course, we have a Virginia resident for a senator. When Roberts retires next year, he will never have to come back to Kansas again, not that he comes here very often anyway.

Justin Williams: Carpetbagger, that’s the most appropriate term I can muster for him.

Sue Pfeiffer Surber: 3 times he made the same simple mistake?

Gary Parnell: This is another fake news to bring down a good man

DeAnnette Harries: Yes, I often forget that I live in my house and not at the post office.

Bonnie Fann: And..., it's been reported, Pat Roberts claimed a CHAIR as his Kansas residence at a friend's house! Bet no Democrat would EVER do a thing like that!

Kriss DeForest: What??? A politician wasn’t being honest?? You don’t say.


Salina Journal Facebook: Lost emu found at Saline County residence

Edward W. Pilewski: Probably the LiMu Emu letting people know you only pay for what you need.

Mary Ellen Rudick: ...and Doug...

Nate Cunningham: Trying to sell you insurance it’s a scam lol


Hutchinson News Facebook: Grant awarded to face opioid abuse in Reno County

Danielle Labs: How are opioids still a thing around here? Sounds fishy if you ask me. Can't noone even get scripts that need them anymore around here. So what's the deal?

Tana Marie: it’s sad! People who don’t need them get them and sell them. Those who actually need them and can’t even do daily living tasks got cut back to have less for a months time.

Deandra Spurlock-Hester: There are a few Dr's here that will prescribe them long term to the elderly and I know of one that is a pain management Dr that will for an exact diagnosis . This Dr highly monitors their patients.

Sally ONeal-Dilli: i live daily with pain have been for 7 years..when u talk to a doc about its like they dont even hear you..i know people who.pop them like candy and have no finally gettin to see a pain manage ment doc in january

Corby Miller: Use the money to buy bus tickets out of state for the druggies , problem solved