Sen. Susan Wagle from District 30 is running for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Pat Roberts. She is terrible about communicating with constituents. Over the years I have lived in District 30, I have sent her a handwritten letter, left two handwritten messages at the desk outside the hall to her office and sent emails. not one of those messages was ever acknowledged let alone answered.

Lately the senator has taken to making public dramas of serving Kansans. She supposedly walked a stack of email requests for unemployment benefits to the office because the current administration failed to make it possible to process them. The old computer system the Brownback administration ignored was in the process of being programmed when the system was inundated with applications. Wagle to the rescue. Why had she never pushed to updated that system in the eight years there was a Republican governor?

Next she stood fast with a barber in McPherson who contended that Gov. Kelly's closure order was bankrupting him and he intended to violate the order to be able to feed his family. Had he applied for the assistance for small businesses or other programs available? My argument is not with him. It is with a senator who does not respond at all until she is running for re-election or for a new office.

Susan Wagle has been efficient at blocking programs for working Kansans but is useless at communicating with those Kansans. Do not elect her to the US Senate.

Vernette Chance, Wichita