The Cimarron Bluejays boys basketball team cruised to a win over the Sublette Larks Friday night, winning 64-24.

With the win, the Bluejays will play the South Gray Rebels on Saturday in the championship game of the Cimarron Invitational.

The Bluejays led almost from start to finish, falling behind initially 2-0 on the game’s opening basket, and trailed 2-1 after making a single free throw soon thereafter.

Bluejays head coach Iric Mawhirter said it was a tough game because though the team rolled through Sublette, Saturday’s game against South Gray will be entirely different.

“I don’t know how much it helps, but (it) just get the guys out, run the floor, try to run some stuff, but really tomorrow’s what we’re worried about,” Mawhirter said.

The fact it’s the team’s home tournament is significant, and the goal is always to win it, Mawhirter said. With that, it’ll always take extra effort, he said, which is what he told the guys to help them keep from overlooking Sublette.

Senior forward Jaylen Pickle caused matchup issues for much of the night, making most of his shots early and causing Sublette to have to rotate extra help inside to him.’

“Like I told you the last game, we wanted to get the ball inside more, and they did,” Mawhirter said. “I mean he responded. It’s really only his second game so he’s still kinda getting his legs under him a little bit, but yeah it was good to see.

As the team prepares to face South Gray Saturday, Mawhirter said turnovers are going to be a key to that game.

“We can’t let them get up and down,” Mawhirter said. “They’re gonna want to push it every chance they get.”

Valuing the ball and keeping themselves under control will also be keys.

“We want to be in it in the end,” Mawhirter said. “We can’t turn the ball over and we’ve gotta execute. Still didn’t really run much offense in a game like this, and that makes me nervous a little bit about tomorrow.”