A week ago, the Minneola Wildcats girls basketball team was 3-2.

Now, after a win over Pawnee Heights, the team heads into the holiday break on a four-game winning streak and 4-2 overall.

A week ago, Wildcats head coach Morgan McClaren said she was proud of the team. That hasn’t changed she said. That doesn’t, however, mean the team has slowed down practices as it heads into the holidays.

“We are practicing very, very hard this week still,” McClaren said. “I just don’t want them to lose what they’ve gained.”

The team’s record may be good, but McClaren said she has placed emphasis on making sure the girls win humbly, even as great as their current roll may be. None of the players have been arrogant, she said she just wants to make sure the team knows they have to take the streak in stride and know a lot of other teams are using the break to improve and grow as well.

As the season continues though, McClaren said she has seen camaraderie from this team that is new this year compared to previous years. That, and watching the team grow together, has been really rewarding McClaren said.

“Basketball can be a very simple thing if you do the the little things right, so it’s just really great to see them growing overall and growing as a team,” McClaren said.

The defense is playing tremendously right now, in part because they’re playing with heart.

“When they start to play together as a team it becomes more fun for them and they’re willing to put in more effort for their team with the heart,” McClaren said.

Minneola returns to action when they host Ingalls Jan, 2. 2018, in Minneola, Kansas.