The Bishop Miege Stags rolled in their first game of the 2018 Tournament of Champions, beating the Wichita East Blue Aces 71-45.

Statistically, they dominated, performing better in nearly every statistic. In steals, they won 14-12. In assists, which can indicate which team passes more before a shot, they won 17-9. In points off turnovers, they won 23-14.

Still, head coach Rick Zych said it wasn’t by any means perfect.

“We got some easy shots off the break,” Zych said.

The Blue Aces also made them go faster than they wanted to. The Blue Aces had two-fewer turnovers than the Stags Thursday night.

“We turned the ball over a lot,” Zych said. “But we extended our lead a little bit and I think we spread out our zone (defense) and made it difficult for ‘em a little bit.”

Junior Jeremiah Robinson-Earl had 23 points, including 16 going into halftime. However senior Ezekial Lopes had a strong game also, recording 15 points in the third quarter alone and ending up with a game-high 24 points.

“He can shoot it. Here he is right here, but he cost us about six points in the first half on missed dunks,” Zych said through laughter with Lopes as the player walked by. “He’s a good kid.”

Going forward, Zych said he wants to see the team keep to it’s own pace.

“I thought in the first half we got in the right place,” Zych said. “We try to get the ball ahead to Jeremiah Robinson(-Earl) who’s pretty tough in the open-floor, but we didn’t get that in the second half. So they probably outplayed us in the second half, because it was their style of the game, up and down a little bit.”

Bishop Miege takes on Maize at 7:30 p.m. Friday.