Dodge City will host one of the 6A Regional bowling competitions Thursday.

The event will include 10 teams, the Dodge City Red Demons among them, and take place at Spare Tyme Bowl. The boys competition starts at 10 a.m., with the girls scheduled for 1:30 p.m.

Red Demon head coach Tyson Clark said Dodge City last hosted the event around 2010.

“We don’t get to do it all that often, and there’s only three regionals throughout the state, so whenever you get to host it’s a big honor,” Clark said.

Schools competing with Dodge City include the Blue Valley West girls team, Haysville-Campus, Derby, Garden City, Hutchinson, Wichita South, Wichita West, Wichita Northwest and Wichita North.

Boys and girls teams will compete at different times due to the number of bowlers competing. The event itself will be big, Clark said, with bleachers needing to be brought in to provide additional seating.

“The atmosphere will be a lot of fun,” Clark said.

In terms of the actual bowling, Clark has different things he’s looking for from the girls and boys groups.

On the boys side, he said he just wants to see them compete and see how the scores happen.

The girls team has been the stronger of the two sides this season.

“On the girls side obviously as a team we would like to get one of the top-3 spots and qualify for the state tournament,” Clark said.

That won’t be an easy task though, because Clark said the Red Demons are in an extremely tough regional this year based on the competition.

Even if neither team qualifies based on the team’s score as a group, individual athletes can still qualify for state. At each regional, the top 3 scoring teams make it to state, then the next six-highest scorers who are not on one of those top-3 teams qualify for state as individuals.