The Dodge City Conquistadors baseball team earned two nonconference wins Tuesday night against Otero Junior College.

The team will now have a break unil playing Oklahoma Panhandle University March 20.

In the first game, the Conquistadors scored three runs in the second to overcome a 1-0 deficit from the first, winning 5-1.

Redshirt-sophomore pitcher Carter Hogan threw four innings, striking out five, walking one.

“He’d had some arm-tenderness different from the surgery he had, so we kind of slowed him down a little bit and felt like now would be a good time to get him back on the mound as a starter,” head coach Phil Stephenson said. “He was our closer two years ago and did a great job, but things aren’t right back to normal yet, and so we’re hoping that by getting him a starting role that maybe we can get some more pitches, some more innings, get him a better feel for what’s going on.”

Tuesday he showed what he can do at times. Hogan’s day included striking out all three Otero players in the second inning.

“I was real proud of what he did today,” Stephenson said. “I think he set a tone for how we want to pitch, which we hadn’t done in the last couple of weeks and I think a lot of our guys followed suit today and I thought we pitched really well the entire day.”

The one real mistake the Conqs made on the mound Tuesday was when, up four in the fourth inning, the Rattlers connected on a pitch with two on, cutting what had been a 4-0 lead to a 4-3 lead. The Conqs were able to prevail despite the mistake, winning the second game 7-3.

“Sometimes that happens, you’re not gonna be perfect every time,” Stephenson said.

The team also swung the bats well enough.

“I didn’t think we sung ‘em great, but we swung ‘em well enough to put runs up,” Stephenson said.

The team was also able to bunt well and “hit behind runners” well. Pinch-hitting also allowed the team to capitalized on a couple of Otero defensive errors.

“Overall it’s a good way to go into the break here,” Stephenson said. “We’ve got about four days off and get (then) get back at it next week.”

The Conqs go into that break having won their last three games and with a record of (12-8), (2-6).

They return to action March 20, when the team hosts Oklahoma Panhandle State in a doubleheader. The first game is scheduled for 2 p.m, the second scheduled to start at 4 p.m.