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Overall, the girls team finished first, just half a point ahead of Garden City. The boys team finished fourth.

Here are the results of the events Red Demons competed in:

Girls high jump
- Savana Wilson finished seventh
- Danielle Edwards finished tied for eighth.

Boys high jump
- De Jon Delgado finished first
- John Johnson finished second
- Uriel Vital finished 11th

Girls pole vault
- Savana Wilson finished second
- Rileigh Heeke finished seventh

Boys pole vault
- Jose Vargas finished fifth

Girls long jump
- Chidera Okoro finished second
- Hadley Williams finished eighth

Boys long jump
- Uriel Vital finished third
- Anthony Speakman finished ninth
- Joshua Harshberger finished 11th

Girls triple jump
- Ezinne Okoro finished second

Boys triple jump
- Uriel Vital finished fourth
- Anthony Speakman finished ninth
- Moses Aguilar finished 11th

Girls discus throw
- Makayla Burton finished second

Boys discus throw
- Marcos Fisher finished ninth
- Evan Darville finished 12th

Girls javelin throw
- Kisa Unruh finished second
- Makayla Burton finished fifth
- Rileigh Heeke finished eighth

Boys javeline throw
- Tommy Bermudez finished seventh
- Jose Vargas finished eighth

Girls shot put
- Kisa Unruh finished first
- Hannah Rich finished sixth
- Makayla Burton finished eighth

Boys shot put
- Marcos Fisher finished second
- Evan Darville finished seventh
- Desmond Edwards finished 12th

Girls 4X800 meter relay
- Second place: Team consisting of Audrey Phelps, Sydney Foster, Luz Lopez and Ezinne Okoro.

Boys 4X800 meter relay
- Fourth place: The team consisting of West Weller, Giovanni Valverde, Alfonso Rodriguez Israel Rodriguez finished fourth.

Girls 100 meter hurdles
- Hadley Williams finished fourth
- Rileigh Heeke finished eight
- Savana Wilson finished ninth

Boys 110 meter hurdles
- Dawson Williams finished fourth
- Nick Harlan finished seventh
- Ramiro Saenz finished eight

Girls 100 meter dash
- Chidera Okoro finished second
- Hannah Rich finished eighth

Boys 100 meter dash
- Jaiel Johnson finished third
- De Jon Delgado finished fourth
- Josue Castillo finished seventh

Girls 1600 meter run
- Anyanna Hensley finished second
- Elizabeth Dorado finished sixth
- Karina Herrera finished ninth

Boys 1600 meter run
- Javier Marquez finished third
- Jair Martinez finished 10th
- Jesus Solis finished 11th

Girls 4X100 meter relay
- Third place: Dodge City’s team composed of Aneth Armendariz, Danielle Edwards, Hannah Rich and Hadley Williams

Girls 400 meter dash
- Ezinne Okoro finished third
- Shahira Sanchez finished 10th
- Jackie Tarango finished 12th

Boys 400 meter dash
- Alexis Alvarez finished seventh
- John Johnson finished eighth
- Eddie Del Real finished ninth

Girls 300 meter hurdles
- Audrey Phelps finished second
- Hadley Williams finished fifth
- Kisa Unruh finished eighth

Boys 300 meter hurdles
- Dawson Williams finished third
- Joshua Harshberger finished sixth
- Ruben Parga finished seventh

Girls 800 meter run
- Ayanna Hensley finished third
- Sydney Foster finished fifth
- Mariela Lopez finished 10th

Boys 800 meter run
- Quest Weller finished fifth
- Alfonso Rodriguez finished sixth
- Israel Rojas finished ninth

Girls 200 meter dash
- Chidera Okoro finished second
- Danielle Edwards finished eighth

Boys 200 meter dash
- De Jon Delgado finished fifth
- Jaiel Johnson finished sixth
- Eddie Del Real finished 11th

Girls 3200 meter run
- Luz Lopez finished second
- Denise Dominguez finished sixth

Boys 3200 meter run
- Javier Marquez finished third
- Giovanni Valverde finished fourth
- Montel Love finished 10th

Girls 4X400 meter relay
- First place: Dodge City’s team consisting of Chidera Okoro, Audrey Phelps, Ayanna Hensley and Ezinne Okoro

Boys 4X400 meter relay
- Fourth place: Dodge City’s team consisting of Dawson Williams, Joshua Harshberger, Eddie Del Real and John Johnson.

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