The Dodge City Red Demons baseball season ended Wednesday in an 8-6 loss to the Wichita West Pioneers.

The Red Demons entered the top of the seventh inning down 8-5, but were unable to complete a final-inning rally in the end.

Senior Kaden Riekenberg had one run and two hits and senior Derick Blansett had one run one hit. Junior Adrian Mendoza had two hits and a team-high two RBIs while fellow junior Noah Sowers had one hit and one RBI. Junior Blaine Winans had one run for the Red Demons.

Sophomore Ty Bacon was the only other Red Demon to record a batting statistic, getting one hit and one RBI himself.

Riekenberg, Blansett, Sowers and Winans all had stolen bases for the Red Demons.

On the mound, Sowers pitched four innings, allowing five hits and four runs, three of which were earned. He also struck out five while walking three. Mendoza threw two innings, allowing five hits and four runs, all of which were earned, while striking out one and walking nobody.

The Red Demons finish the season 9-12 overall.