Phillips Chiropractic patients will have access to custom braces and splints faster following Wednesday’s grand opening of Phillips Durable Medical Equipment.

“In this area where we kind of lack the durable medical equipment, a lot of times when the doctor needs a special ACL brace or a custom-fit brace, they were having to go to Wichita or have it ordered and have it take 30, 45 days for it to come in,” Dr. Jammie Phillips said.

Phillips Chiropractic contracts with a company out of Dallas, Texas, and usually gets custom-braces within about seven days, Phillips said. Measurements for those are taken at either of the six orthopedic surgeons’ offices in Garden City, or the two in Dodge City, he said.

“So the demand is pretty high for doing that,” Phillips said. “These doctors, when they’re working with ACLs, PCLs, those types of injuries, they want a brace on that patient right away. So we get ‘em immobilized, we have different types of braces that we use, and then we’ll get ‘em into a custom brace like I said usually within a week.”

Fractures are another injury commonly treated by orthopedic surgeons. Often, when doctors take a cast off a fracture, they like to put the patient in another type of brace that allows the patient to put small amounts of weight on the recovering area of the body. Phillips covers all sizes of those, he said.

“It was a more of a ‘this area needed to expand in the region with those braces,’ and we’re able to do that,” Phillips said.

Phillips Chiropractic keeps about 90-95 percent of the braces people generally need in stock, Phillips said, from finger-splints to surgical pillows for rotator-cuff injuries, neck braces and others.

Adding Durable Medical Equipment allows added comfort for the patient and stability for the doctor, Phillips said.

“If they want something immobilized, you want to make sure that you have the right brace, which is gonna actually help promote the healing and get the patient better quicker,” Phillips said. “If you have a work injury, we do a lot of work injuries too, they want the patient healed and back to work. So we’re just gonna be in that supply and demand for that.”

For more information contact Dr. Jammie Phillips’ office at (620)225-4139.