The Ford County Commission approved a request to honor the late Michael Burkhart with the naming of the Amateur Radio Station (Ham Radio) at Monday night’s meeting.

Burkhart died in 2016, but was an Extra-Class Ham radio operator and heavily involved in the community, according to his October 25, 2018 obituary in the Dodge City Daily Globe.

The commission also discussed at length about the conditional use permits of the Palomino Ranch and Dodge City Downs, and multiple Ford County residents were present and commented.

One woman introduced herself during the Open Public Comment section of the meeting and said she was there because she saw the conditional use permit of Palomino Ranch was on the agenda.

“I’m just here to see how that goes and hope that we can come to some kind resolution for that problem, or at least be on the right track,” she said.

Second District Commissioner Chris Boys then invited her to give the commission her feeling on the matter. She said she lives on the 700 block of Wright Street, quite a distance from the Palomino Ranch. She talked about a letter she had sent a long ago as 2012, and she had also gone to a meeting back then because a noise ordinance was being in discussed.

“This has been a problem that’s been going on for eight, nine, 10 years at least, and it’s so very disruptive,” she said.

No action was taken on the issue, but multiple options were discussed for how to begin addressing it, including possibly reviewing the conditional use permits in the future.

The commission also accepted the resignation of the township clerk of Dodge Township, Cory Warkintin and approved the appointment of Jeff Dodson as the replacement. The commission also heard a report on opioid use in Ford County by the county attorney and local law enforcement.