The Dodge City Police Department was recognized by American Automobile Association at the Dodge City City Commission meeting Monday night.

Jennifer Haugh, public affairs manager for AAA Kansas, presented a traffic safety award after presenting to the commission what the police department had done to earn it. It was the third consecutive platinum award for the department, the highest level of award that can be bestowed upon law enforcement.

“They’re one of only 12 PD’s to qualify for the AAA Platinum Award in Kansas,” Haugh said. “They’re being recognized for their continued support of the S.A.V.E program at Dodge City High School, which is Seat belts Are For Everyone; providing education and information to the students on DUI, texting and seat belts; and for enforcing a seat-belt policy requiring all department employees and passengers of department vehicles to wear a seat belt.”

They were also being recognized for their work in education, “some of it quite innovative,” and multiple other ways they have helped their community.

“As a result of their work, adult seat-belt use is up almost 93 percent now, so that’s a huge gain,” Haugh said.

Later in the meeting, the commission enacted multiple ordinances.

Ordinance 3689 designated Dodge City Days as a “special event” in the city of Dodge City. Nannette Pogue, finance director and city clerk, presented a report to the commission on the proposed ordinance.

“What this does is allows, when people get their temporary alcohol permits during those days, that they can actually open up and sell like on the sidewalk and public streets and things like that,” Pogue said. “It just gives them the opportunity to do a little bit more during that festival.”

Pogue said this was probably the third or fourth year this has been done for Dodge City Days. The commission voted in favor of the ordinance five votes to zero.

Next was Ordinance 3690, which also passed by a 5-0 vote.

Ordinance 3690 will allow the City of Dodge City to issue taxable industrial revenue bonds for Sutherlands High Plains, LLC Project in a principal amount not to exceed $8 million.

Sutherlands asked the city to issue them, according to the presentation. The bonds will help pay for the cost of acquiring, purchasing, constructing, installing and equipping commercial facilities, including land, buildings structures, improvements, fixtures, machinery and equipment, according to the ordinance text in the meeting’s agenda.

In the new business section of the meeting, the commission approved bids for the application of 10,000 gallons of Mastic Crack Sealant on roads in South Dodge City, a project to redo pavement markings on Morgan Boulevard and a bid for a project improving the drainage at the youth complex. The low bid was for $48,527.06, according to a presentation by Tanner Rutschman, city engineer. All three were approved by 5-0 votes.

Also approved in the new business portion of the meeting was the purchase of a new truck for the Development Services Department. Director of Administration Ryan Reid made the presentation to the commissioners.

“This truck is to be used to visit inspection sites, (and) occasionally for out-of-area training and meetings,” Reid said. “It would primarily be driven by the director of development services or used for redundancy (if) a vehicle was being serviced or something.”

Bids were received from G and G auto, Lopp Motors and Lewis Chevrolet. In the end, the low bid came from Lewis Chevrolet, on a 2019 Silverado 1500 for the cost of $28,225.00. A 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 and 2018 Ram 1500 Express were also considered. Reid said Kevin Israel, the department’s director, has been getting by using his personal vehicle for the most part.

The department had Dodge Durango about a year and a half ago for a short period of time, Reid said, but it developed electrical problems and was sold at auction.

“Since then I believe they’ve been going without,” Reid said.

The bid was approved five votes to zero.